I am Learning to Love Me!

Toddler & Preschool Show


How do we want to start our day? 


We wanted to start each and every day by creating a space for laughter, building relationships and sparking new adventures.  By creating this space Cam Cam and I have made a plan and making a plan comes from setting an intention.


Our intention is to bring people together to celebrate love, ideas and growth.  Our intention is to provide an opportunity for people, no matter the age, to get involved in the playful and the messy.  Our intention is to spread magic and to ignite magic.

This is a live interactive musical show with props, games and storytime. We have a beautiful, comfortable stage area in the our studio space full of whimsical and magical items that we know will spark the child within you and invite your littles to play and be free. Cam Cam and I can also travel to your location with our show.


Cam Cam and I are so excited to start this magical journey with you!  Thank you for your time and energy and we look forward to sharing all our magic with you.


Thank you


Remember Just Be Who You Are

and Do Everything with Love


Lexi and Cam Cam