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Getting to know Lexi

Lexi is a singer/songwriter, performer, self-love coach for kids and creator of Learning with Lexi (LWL) out of Hamilton Ontario.  She has been teaching and helping to expand the minds of many children and families for over a decade.  After graduating from the Early Childhood Education program at Mohawk College, Lexi struggled to find her identity and belonging from centre to centre. Injury struck and little did she know, the journey to recovery would be a lot more than she expected.  Her father, who has always been a big supporter, provided Lexi with the keys to unlock her passion and potential that would reach beyond the classroom walls.  LWL was created on the foundation of will and love.  Music propelled her forward, and in 2016 her first album "Love Your Verve and Find Your Zing" was born.  This music was to spread the importance of building a deep, meaningful and loving relationship with yourself. This was an inclusive opportunity made for the child within us all. How you love yourself matters and from that idea, her newest release in 2019 "Let Love Raise You Up" was made to fill the hearts of many. When Lexi is not on the road performing she is at her studio running programs and hosting events for both children and adults. She is extremely passionate about creating content that will encourage a healthy, loving, and positive mindset. Lexi believes in the importance of this knowledge and will continue to be an advocate of self-love.

Getting to know Cam Cam

Cam Cam, born and raised in Hamilton is a self-love coach, artist, and computer wiz. As a child growing up he loved to create and build things with his hands and often imagined himself as an inventor. Cam Cam struggled to fit in and found it more and more difficult to identify with his peers, often feeling misunderstood. It wasn't until high school that he was able to connect with his passion for creating. Cam Cam was offered a volunteer position with his teacher to assist and tutor through a special program at Brock University. After graduating, Cam Cam went on to work in the "Family business" in his parent's legal service company. This new role allowed him to work with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, creating and chairing their new Young Entrepreneur and Professionals division. Still struggling to find his place, Cam Cam searched for a change of pace and began an 8-year journey at Apple sharing his love of technology with his passion for helping and teaching others. Through one of Cam Cam's close friends Mary, he was introduced to Lexi. In awe, and with a heart filled with excitement for what Lexi had created he left Apple to join the Learning with Lexi team as their Chief of Fungineering.  Now having found his true passion, Cam Cam is able to create, teach and help others do and be more than they are by loving who they are.  Something he learned to do through his experiences. Together, Cam Cam and Lexi create content and music that is inspiring and creating change in the world. He now shares the stage and the microphone in promoting the importance of self-love.

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