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After School Programs

Discover our brand-new after-school program, specially designed to help children flourish into their best selves through creativity, self-love, and mental wellness. Located just a 10-minute walk from both Dr. Davey and Queen Victoria schools. We offer convenient staff-guided walk-over pickups to make your life easier. Our innovative program not only aims to help your child develop a positive mindset, boost their confidence, and build resilience, but also promises an engaging, fun-filled experience that taps into their creative spirit. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to watch your child soar with newfound self-love and mental fortitude!
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Program Breakdown



Through creativity, it encourages children to tap into their creative side through fun and engaging activities. Children will have the opportunity to explore different forms of art, music, dance, and other creative outlets that will help them express themselves and build confidence.


We believe that self-love is a key component in building a positive mindset and strong mental health. Our program teaches children how to embrace who they are, celebrate their strengths, and work on their weaknesses in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Mental wellness

Our program provides tools and strategies to help children manage their emotions, develop resilience, and cope with stress in healthy ways. Children will learn how to identify and express their feelings, practice mindfulness, and develop positive coping mechanisms.

Positive mindset

A positive mindset emphasizes the power of positive thinking and teaches children how to shift their mindset from negative to positive. Children will learn how to reframe their thoughts and develop a growth mindset, which will help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Fun and engaging

We created a space that is designed to be fun and engaging for children, with a variety of activities and games that keep them motivated and excited to learn. Children will have the opportunity to make new friends and build a supportive community, which will further enhance their mental health and well-being.

Overall, our after-school program is a safe, supportive, and creative space that helps children develop the skills and tools they need to blossom into their best selves. Join us and watch your child soar with newfound self-love and mental strength!

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